Aim To Connect

Our new Connect Groups aren’t really new anymore.  We’ve just finished the series called Aim To Connect (did you know it was called that?) looking at each of the four aims for Connect Groups.  If you missed those or wanted a refresher on what we looked at together, you can see all the study notes here.

We’ve also come to the end of this short series of posts on the blog about Connect Groups.  If you haven’t read those, you can catch upon the rest of the series at the links below:

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But even though the introduction phase is finished, now’s the time to really start working on our groups.  The honeymoon is over; let’s enjoy the marriage.  One way to do that would be to look again at the Connect Groups leaflet that we gave out at the end of last term.  (The leaflet that Royal Mail didn’t want you to see…)  If you’ve lost it, you can download it here, print it out and fold it in half.

On the back, there is a box for each of the four aims of Connect Groups: listening to God together, talking to God together, caring for one another, and reaching the lost together.  The leaflet invites you to write down ways in which YOU could be more involved in serving and making the most of your Connect Group in each of these aims.

Have you filled in those boxes?  Now that we’ve done some thinking together in our groups about each aim, why not crystallise that by taking time to fill them in for yourself.

How might you aim to connect more in your group?

Here’s praying that God grows our groups together in love for Him, each other and the world.

This is the last in a short series about Connect Groups.  Do keep checking the blog though, as it’s updated regularly and always tries to be challenging and relevant to our life together as a church in the modern world.