Easter at Emmanuel









We’d love to invite you to join us this Easter…

On Good Friday (14th April) we will be holding a short service at Bramcote College (Moor Lane, NG9 3GA)  considering what’s good about Good Friday? The death of Jesus might, at first glance, seem like a bad thing. He was still young when he died and had done so much good. And crucifixion was a painful and shameful death. So why do we call it Good Friday? We’ll be thinking about why Jesus died and what it achieved for us. The service starts at 10.30 a.m. and lasts about an hour.

On Easter Day (16th April) we’ll be asking the question “Why does Easter matter?” What’s the big deal about Easter and what is its significance to us? Again the service is at 10.30 at Bramcote College, and will last about an hour. There’ll be an Easter egg hunt after the service.