Free Audiobook: What Is The Mission Of The Church?

What is the Mission of the Church?Books at Emmanuel are always cheap.  But this one’s free!

What Is The Mission Of The Church? by Kevin de Young and Greg Gilbert was one of the Holiday Reads we were plugging this summer.  And now, only during November 2012, you can download the audiobook for free at

It’s a great book wrestling with the roles of telling the world about Jesus and helping with the practical needs we see around us.  It’s an excellent explanation of why evangelism has to be the priority, without denying the need to care for people in other ways too.  Why not whack it on the iPod and listen on the way to work?  Or round the house?

Click on this link to take you to the download.

You need to sign up to a Christian Audio account, but this is free and they don’t bombard you with emails.  It also means that next time they do a freebie and we plug it on the Emmanuel blog, you can download it quicker because you’ll already have an account!