Free Music: Page CXVI

We’ve talked about the band Page CXVI on the Emmanuel blog before.  They take old hymns and put them to fresh arrangements, breathing new life into them.  They have a gorgeous and powerful sound which is well worth checking out.

And now you can.  For free!

They’re giving away their entire back catalogue for free throughout March.  That’s 7 albums!  Plus 4 albums by their non-hymn-based side project, The Autumn Film.  I’ve personally found their music really helpful and encouraging.

Those who are reading Note To Self might have come across the chapter calling us to ‘Sing!’  Getting hold of good Christian music like this to sing along to at home or in the car is a great way of stirring up your heart to praise God.

We sang How Great Thou Art on Sunday.  Listen to their version below to get a feel for it.

There’s plenty more where that came from!  Visit to get your 11 free albums!

What are your favourite old hymns?