FREE E-BOOK – Giving: Why, What & How?

Today we’re very pleased to announce the launch of a new e-book called GIVING: why, what & how?

The subject of giving is a tough one to think through.  It’s something every Christian has to work out at some point in their lives, and an issue we could all do with coming back to again every so often.  To help us think through the issues, we’ve put together this short booklet on the topic.

It breaks down the topic of giving into 3 sections:

why should we give? (dealing with a few reasons to be generous)

what should we give? (tackling the tough subject of how much to give)

how should we give? (discussing the manner in which we give, both in our attitudes and the practicalities of giving)

We hope it will be useful for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned sacrificial giver or this is the first time you’ve thought about the subject.  At only 8 pages, it doesn’t take long to read.  Why not find a few minutes to read it and pray through the issues it raises?

We are so thankful for all of the generosity already being expressed at Emmanuel, and we pray that together as a church we will continue to grow in the gift of giving.

Download the e-book for free HERE.

e-books are PDF files which can be read on your computer, tablet, smartphone, kindle or other e-reader.  If you have any trouble accessing the book, please let us know.  We hope to produce more resources like this in the near future.