Handy Hints For Going To Church With Your Family

In last Sunday’s sermon there was a throwaway line about all husbands and dads being the pastor of the little church called their family.  We saw how elders in the church need to have their kids under control as an example to all of us.  A tall order!  Especially when some Sundays it’s hard enough to get your darling offspring out of bed and out of the door, let alone “under control”.

So how can we make the most of Sunday services with our whole family?

To help us, why not read this great little article by Christine Jensen, Ten Tips For Going To Church With Your Family.  She admits, “I wanted my children to go happily, for church to be a delight to all family members.  But this does not always happen. We certainly had a revolt on our hands for a couple of years by a couple of teenagers…”  I found it honest, helpful and practical.  Hope it helps you build excitement for Sundays too!