Leadership Team

Emmanuel Church Bramcote is led by the Leadership Team. Together, they seek to ensure that what the church does is in line with its Statement of Faith. The Leadership Team oversees Emmanuel Church, Bramcote’s teaching, fellowship, evangelism and pastoral care. Richard (our Senior Minister) and Rich (Assistant Minister) are employed by the church as full time members of staff.

Rich Adam : Assistant Minister

Rich Adam

Assistant Minister

Rich studied Maths at university and was briefly a teacher before becoming Youth Pastor at a church in Warwick. He joined the staff team at Emmanuel at the beginning of 2015. He is married to Gemma, and they have two children, Joshua and Lydia. Rich is passionate about teaching the Bible and also enjoys reading history and politics.

Listen to sermons by Rich here.

Ed Bowerman :

Ed Bowerman

Ed spent his childhood in Cambridgeshire playing football, tennis and singing along badly to all sorts of music. He doesn’t really know what he wants to do when he grows up but in the meantime he goes to work at a local university, is married to Anna and has three children who enjoy football and tennis and telling him not to sing. He still waits for the phone call from Liverpool FC.

Listen to sermons by Ed here.

Richard Hopkins : Senior Minister

Richard Hopkins

Senior Minister

Richard became Senior Minister at Emmanuel in 2016, having spent 10 years as Anglican vicar of Sileby, Cossington & Seagrave in Leicestershire. Before full-time Christian work, he was a geography teacher in a secondary school. He was born and brought up in Cambridge and attended University at Nottingham where he met Rosie, his wife. They have 2 sons and 2 labrador dogs. Richard is also chairman of the Midlands Gospel Partnership. He is a fiercely over-competitive board game player – you have been warned!

Listen to sermons by Richard here.

Paul Jenkins :

Paul Jenkins

Paul grew up in Suffolk but came to Nottingham to study French and Hispanics. He works as a languages teacher in a local secondary school. He is married to Abi and they have 2 young children, Zebedee and Simeon. In addition to speaking many languages, Paul loves pretty much all sports, finding a good podcast and playing the guitar.

Brian Kruger :

Brian Kruger

Brian is married to Rachel and they have three children. He enjoys doing woodwork and reading. Brian works as a software engineer.

Listen to sermons by Brian here.

Alex Slowey :

Alex Slowey

Alex is married to Heather and they have two boys and a girl. When not working as an Industrial Pharmacist, he loves music and playing with power tools! He has a growing collection of dust on top of his growing collection of books.

Listen to sermons by Alex here.

Other staff members

Toni Davies : Women’s Discipleship Minister

Toni Davies

Women’s Discipleship Minister

Toni has been part of the Emmanuel Church family since its infancy.  She is married to Brian, loves coffee, cats, camping, her 3 grown up children, cycling (especially downhill), family games and, of course Brian!

Helen Hawley : Youth and Children’s work coordinator

Helen Hawley

Youth and Children’s work coordinator

Helen joined our team in the middle of lockdown at the beginning of 2021. She loves a good adventure, trying new things and spending time with friends.
She is married to Will and together they have a little menagerie of pets including cats, chickens and tropical fish.
Helen is passionate about apologetics and helping young people grow in their understanding and love of Jesus.

Abby Baird : Part-Time Administrator

Abby Baird

Part-Time Administrator

Abby has been linked with Emmanuel Church Bramcote from its early days and fully took the plunge (literally) when she was baptised in 2013.  She likes to look after the various creatures around the home which include 1 husband, 2 sons and 4 hamsters.  Some of Abby’s favourite things to do are: swimming in the sea, drinking lattes, watching sci-fi box sets and making lists!

Finance and Property group

The Finance and Property Group is responsible for implementing practical matters, as agreed by the Leadership Team and Church Members, relating to finance, legal issues and property. Together with the Leadership Team they make up the Managing Trustees of the charity.

Phil Carter :

Phil Carter

Phil and his wife Lynda have both recently retired. They have two offspring in their early twenties.

Brian Davies :

Brian Davies

Brian in married to Toni.