New Song: Arise, My Soul, Arise

As we’ve looked at Hebrews this term, we’ve been encouraged to “draw near to God” through Jesus our great high priest lots of times.  Last Sunday, Tim Dennis encouraged us with the truth that Jesus’ sacrifice is enough to bring us to God AND to clean our consciences.

And so this Sunday we’re learning a new song.  It’s some great old words by Charles Wesley put to an upbeat new tune by Indelible Grace.  Speaking to ourselves (“my soul”) and reminding us to leave the guilt behind and enjoy what Christ has done; confidently approaching the God who has forgiven us.

Have a read through of the words below first… then scroll down to listen to the song.

Arise, my soul, arise, shake off your guilty fears;
the bleeding sacrifice, on my behalf appears.
Before the throne my Surety stands,
before the throne my Surety stands.
My name is written on his hands.

Arise (arise), arise (arise). Arise, arise, my soul, arise.
Arise (arise), arise (arise). Arise, arise, my soul, arise.
Shake off your guilty fears and rise.

He ever lives above for me, to intercede;
his all-redeeming love, his precious blood, to plead.
His blood atoned for every race,
his blood atoned for every race,
and sprinkles now the throne of grace.

Five bleeding wounds he bears; received on Calvary.
They pour effectual prayers; they strongly plead for me:
“Forgive him, O forgive,” they cry.
“Forgive him, O forgive,” they cry,
“don’t let that ransomed sinner die!”

My God is reconciled; his pardoning voice I hear.
He owns me for his child; I can no longer fear.
With confidence I now draw nigh,
with confidence I now draw nigh,
and “Father, Abba, Father,” cry.

Looking forward to singing this together!