NEW SONG: As We Gather

At Emmanuel we believe that God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible.  And that as He speaks to us, by His Spirit, He changes our hearts to love and trust Him more and long to serve Him.  This Sunday we’ll be learning a new song which is a prayer that this would happen.

As a preacher and one of the leaders here, this is the kind of thing I pray for us every week.

We don’t just want to receive some good advice but be delighted with the good news.

We don’t want to be simply told what to do but revel in what Jesus has done and let that motivate us to obedience.

We don’t want to merely fill our brains with more trivia about God but to have His light shine in our minds to know Him better and be guided by Him.

Why not listen to the song below and make it your prayer that as we gather together around the Word, God would magnify Jesus and renew our faith in Him.

As we gather, come and teach us
Spirit, come and speak today
You delight to lead and guide us
It’s Your Word that lights the way

So come awaken our hearts
Illumine our minds, magnify Jesus Christ
Come, renewing our faith
Changing our lives
With Your words of life

Let Your truth sink deep within us
Let the foolish learn Your ways
We are often to prone to wander
As we hear may we be changed

We need to see You, we need to hear You
We want to know You, Word of life

Music and words by Pat and Joel Sczebel
© 2011 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)