New Song For Sunday: All I Have Is Christ

Sometimes people comment that we are always learning new songs at Emmanuel.  And that’s a really good thing!  The psalms keep telling us to sing a new song to God and that one sign of having been rescued by God is that He puts a new song in our mouths (Psalm 40).

So we’re learning another new song on Sunday!  It’s called All I Have Is Christ and it’s great.  It tells the story of how we were all far from God and had no reason why God would want us back.  And yet God broke into our lives and revealed the cross to us and showed us grace.  Hallelujah!  And in response we want our Father to use our lives however He sees fit.  Fantastic stuff. Have a listen below.

You can actually listen to the whole album for free at Sovereign Grace’s bandcamp website here.  There you’ll find some other great songs, including Show Us Christ which we’ve been singing recently, and Have Mercy On Me, which we’re also singing this week.