NEW SONG: Now Why This Fear

On Sunday, we’re singing a new song called Now Why This Fear.

If you ever find yourself doubting whether God has truly forgiven you or if secretly He’s still angry at you for your sin, this song is just for you.  It reminds us of how Jesus has fully dealt with all our sin and the punishment it deserves.  We can approach Him with confidence because the debt is cancelled and there is no more anger left for us.

We’ll all sing the chorus together (“Jesus, all my trust…”) as well as the extra bridge part (“How sweet the sound…”).  But at the end we’ll attempt them as a round at the same time!  The women will continue to sing the chorus and the men will sing the bridge over the top.  Don’t believe it can be done?  Have a listen to the video below and hear how wonderful it sounds at the end when the two parts are sung together.  (From 4mins 13 secs.  But don’t just skip ahead!)

I’m looking forward to praising God together through this song on Sunday.

(For those worried about the high notes, we’re dropping the key down from B to A.  Now why this fear?!)

Now why this fear and unbelief?
Has not the Father put to grief
his spotless Son for us?
And will the righteous Judge of men
condemn me for that debt of sin
now cancelled at the cross?

Jesus, all my trust
is in your blood.
Jesus, you’ve rescued us
through your great love!

Complete atonement you have made,
and by your death completely  paid
the debt your people owed.
No wrath remains for us to face.
We’re sheltered by your saving grace
and sprinkled with your blood.


How sweet the sound of saving grace.
How sweet the sound of saving grace.
Christ died for me!

Be still, my soul, and know this peace;
the merits of your Great High Priest
have bought your liberty.
Rely then on his precious blood,
don’t fear your banishment from God
since Jesus sets you free.