Plea for Prayer for the General Synod

General SynodChristian Concern For Our Nation have issued a plea to churches of all denominations in the run up to the next meeting of the Anglican General Synod.

“On February 28th the Church of England’s decision-making body, the General Synod, will be debating two crucial motions on the subject of homosexuality in the Church. Because the Church of England is the state church the media often report their debates on sexuality as if representative of the views of all Christian denominations. The 28th February debate is therefore of vital importance in making a stand for Biblical truth. We are calling for Christians across this country from every denomination to call upon the Church of England at the General Synod to make a clear and principled stand.”

As I write this, Christian Today news website is reporting that Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has joined the campaign and CCFON are hoping that Diocesan Bishops will join in too.

Andrea Minichiello Williams of CCFON writes “Whilst it is vital that all churches offer a welcome to everyone, regardless of their sexuality, the Church must stand by its Biblical beliefs, as it has done since it was first established. In a society whose values are swayed without an anchor, it is vital that the church continues to promote marriage as the bedrock of a solid society – and continues to teach that God designed sexual activity to be enjoyed within the faithful relationship of a marriage, between a man and a woman.

The issues before Synod this month are some of the most controversial in recent times. Let’s be praying for godliness in the discussions and that the decisions made would be the right ones: decisions that glorify God and help the Church of England to live out God’s will in the world.

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