Promoting the Gospel

Our book of the month/six weeks is Promoting the Gospel by John Dickson.  It will help us to think more about our Sunday Bible teaching this summer on the theme of ‘Salvation to the ends of the earth: God’s mission and ours’.  John Dickson writes in a conversational style, with helpful illustrations and pertinent applications, and this is a great book to read because …

  • he agrees that we need to speak the gospel if people are to know about Jesus and the rescue he has achieved for us.  If we don’t speak the gospel, then strictly speaking, it’s not  ‘evangelism’ we’re doing.
  • he recognises that all Christians need to be ready to speak the gospel at every opportunity, to whoever we can.  But at the same time, he recognises that not all Christians are ‘evangelists’.
  • he gives masses of practical thoughts about other ways that all Christians can ‘promote the gospel’, living our lives in such a way to join in God’s mision to reach all the world with the knowledge of his glory.  For example, by our prayers, with our money, through our Christian behaviour, through our public gatherings as a church, in daily conversation … these are all areas where we can and should be planning ‘the whole of life for the cause of Christ’, and this book will help you in very practical ways to make that desire to ‘reach out’ a much bigger part of your life.

Buy it at Emmanuel on a Sunday for only £8.50. 
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