Bible reading plans for 2021

The start of a New Year is a great chance to start reading the bible regularly, to resume doing so if you’ve got out of the pattern of daily bible reading, or to try a different way of reading it. For 2021, we’re recommending 2 resources produced by The Navigators.

The ‘Book at a time’ bible reading plan will take you through the whole bible in a year with 2 passages to read each day (but only 25 days each month to prevent falling behind!) You can download it here.

The ‘Bible reading 5x5x5’ will take you through the whole New Testament in a year if you spend 5 minutes reading the bible 5 times per week. It also gives 5 ways to dig deeper into a passage. You can download it here.

Choose the one that you think will suit you best. The ‘book at a time plan’ might suit you best if you’re used to reading the bible for yourself and want to go a bit further. The 5x5x5 is ideal if you don’t have much experience of reading the bible. They’re both great tools to get us into God’s word in 2021!

If you’ve joined us since we’ve been meeting virtually, and don’t yet have a modern translation of the Bible, please contact us and we’ll get a copy to you.