Easter Reading for 2021

In the run up to Easter we are recommending two books of daily readings to encourage us in following Jesus.

Hope in the face of suffering is a series of twenty daily devotions for tough times. In this warm-hearted book, Jeremy Marshall shares what he has learnt about suffering and hope since being diagnosed with incurable cancer. WE are giving a copy of this book to every member of the church. If you would like a copy and haven’t received one, please Contact us.

For those who would like some readings that focus on the cross in the run up to Easter, we are recommending The Radical Reconciler. Beginning on Wed 17 February, and following the period of ‘Lent’, Christopher Wright focusses our attention on six things Jesus achieved on the cross, with the help of some quotes from Christian classic The Cross of Christ. This book can be purchased here Radical Reconciler (Paperback) – Christopher Wright and John Stott – 10ofThose.com