Serving in South Sudan

Picture1Last Sunday we commissioned two of our members to tell the Laarim people about Jesus.

It has been very exciting to support and pray for Andrew & Anna Beckham in their desire to take the gospel to people who have never heard about Jesus. Finally the time has come for us to send them out to the Laarim people of South Sudan.

The Laarim live in the Boya Hills of South Sudan. They live in small settlements, with social and cultural life centered around cattle, with livestock being their only known natural resource. They practice African Traditional Religion, but there is a small group of believers among them, and they have asked to be taught the word of God. We are only too happy to be involved in meeting that request.

Last Sunday’s service was a time for Emmanuel, in partnership with AIM international, to formally pray for the Beckhams and send them out to join the team already working with the Laarim. You can find out more about this work on the AIM website here.