Small groups

We call our small groups Connect Groups.  There are currently 9 groups; meeting on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  We encourage everyone who calls Emmanuel home to be part of a Connect Group.  Each group typically has 10-12 people in it.  It means that we have the chance to get to know a few people really well and connect with them.On the evening, Connect Groups usually start with coffee or tea.  We spend time studying the bible, normally the same passage that has been preached on the previous Sunday.  This helps us really to get how God’s word applies to our day to day lives.  We spend time praying about the passage we’ve just looked and praying for one another.  We seek to be caring for and supporting one another.  During our group times we encourage one another to be reaching out to others who don’t know Jesus with the good news about him.

Connect Groups are for those who are trusting in Jesus and part of Emmanuel Church.  If you’re at the stage of finding out about the Christian faith or Emmanuel coming on one of our Christianity Explored courses might be a good place to start.

The Connect Group Leaders

Rich and Gemma Adam :

Rich and Gemma Adam

Ed and Anna Bowerman :

Ed and Anna Bowerman

Colin and Vic Crooks :

Colin and Vic Crooks

Brian and Toni Davies :

Brian and Toni Davies

Richard and Rosie Hopkins :

Richard and Rosie Hopkins

Richard and Claire Elliott :

Richard and Claire Elliott

Brian and Rachel Kruger :

Brian and Rachel Kruger

Luke and Holly Reger :

Luke and Holly Reger

Alex and Heather Slowey :

Alex and Heather Slowey