Special events

We hold regular services and events for those who are wanting to explore the Christian faith or just dip a toe in the water as to what Christianity and church are about.

Some of our regular events are:

Pointless evenings

Quizzes in the style of the BBC quiz show Pointless.  The aim is to come up with answers that are correct but obscure.  We have a talk midway through.

Here’s the audio to the talks at previous Pointless evenings:

Is life pointless?
Is searching for contentment pointless?
Is being good pointless?

Sunday services

We try to make sure that every Sunday is a good one to come along to if you’re coming for the first time.  But we do put on several Sunday services each year with someone who’s never been to church or not for a long time in mind.  The details of the next Sunday like this are here.