Summer Family Activity Book

This Sunday is the first of our summer Sundays when things are a little different.  7 weeks, 7 different preachers, 3 of which have never preached at Emmanuel before.  So it’s all very exciting.

Meanwhile, kids are breaking up from school and parents are scratching their heads about what to do…

Cue the 2012 Summer Family Activity Book!

The Village Church in Dallas, Texas have produce this fantastic resource to help families enjoy time together over the holidays.  There’s creative ideas for places to go and things to do, as well as ways of getting the kids to pray and think about Jesus.  You’ll need to translate some of it from American – e.g. British is listed under ‘funny accents’ to try!  And they give a list of their church’s elders to pray for, which you could switch for Emmanuel’s elders (here).  But this really is a brilliant activity pack.

What I especially loved is that it’s not just trying to fill up the days for the sake of it, but to live out Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  Those verses have a lot to say about the Christian family’s interactions, as we bring God and His word to bear in the details of our life together.  Or as they put it, “Whether you’re hanging out at home, travelling across the country or running errands around town, there is no shortage of opportunities to help your children see the things of the Lord.  Our hope is to help you see and take advantage of these moments.”  It’s a thought-provoking read and it looks really fun too!

Have a flick through it and see what you could adapt for your family.  Download it for free here.