Summer Reading 2013

Lots of people stick a book in their suitcase and finally get around to doing some reading while away on holiday.

At Emmanuel we like to recommend a few books for you to check out over the coming weeks when there’s more time for that kind of thing.  Here are the 3 books for this summer:


When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper

A great book with lots to chew on about how to fight for joy.  If you’re aware you’re not as joyful as you could be, you’ll find this book insightful and practical when trying to deal with that.

RRP £9.99 only £7.50 at Emmanuel!








The Valley Of Vision edited by Arthur Bennett

This is a collection of prayers from a number of Christians from centuries past.  You’ll find it refreshing to your prayer life and a real encouragement to delight in God for all He is and all He has done for us through the Lord Jesus.  One to keep coming back to over the years.

RRP £7 only £5.25 at Emmanuel!






Planting For The Gospel by Graham Beynon

A little book outlining the why and how of church planting.  The first half is the theory and the second half is full of stories from people involved in planting churches.  Considering Emmanuel’s plans to church plant in the future, if you’re unsure what that means or might look like, this would be a great book for you.

RRP £5.99 only £3.50 at Emmanuel!







Do try to read one of these if you can!  They are all available at our Sunday services throughout the summer.

If you’d like more information, CLICK HERE to listen to Alex, Nathan and Nigel explain more about each of the books.  (Recorded during the Bitesize section of Sun 21st July’s service.)