Sunday 14 June

We’re not able to meet together as church family today and for the coming weeks. Although, by necessity, we have to stay apart physically, we’re standing together to love, support and encourage one another. So, in around 90 different homes, we’ll sing the same songs, pray the same prayers and look together at the promise we are God’s children, as we look to Hebrews 1:1-4. There are some activities for those aged 14 or under to do and a bible talk from Rich for us to listen to.

For each person in your home, you’ll need a copy of this service sheet, a bible, print outs of the children’s sheets (if needed) and your computer or tablet to click on the links below. Please note that the songs are being played from YouTube, if one of the annoying adverts pop up, click on the ‘skip ad’ button.

Today’s service sheet can be downloaded here

Today’s resources for E Kids can be found here

The thinking behind the song choices is explained in italics

Watch the video of Rich’s welcome and intro by clicking here

We begin our service by praising our great king, Jesus who died and rose again and is now reigning in heaven.

SONG – listen by clicking here
Crown Him With Many Crowns
the Lamb upon his throne,
while heaven’s eternal anthem drowns
all music but its own!
Awake, my soul, and sing
of him who died for thee.
And hail him as thy matchless King
through all eternity.

Crown him the Lord of life,
who triumphed o’er the grave,
who rose victorious from the strife
for those he came to save.
His glories now we sing
who died and reigns on high;
Who died eternal life to bring
and lives that death may die.

Crown him the Lord of love,
Behold his hands and side –
those wounds yet visible above
in beauty glorified.
No angel in the sky
can fully bear that sight,
but downward bends his burning eye
at mysteries so bright.

Crown him the Lord of peace
whose power a sceptre sways.
From pole to pole that wars may cease
And all be prayer and praise.
His praise shall know no end
And round those piercèd feet
Fair flowers of paradise extend:
Their fragrance ever sweet.

Crown him the Lord of years,
the potentate of time,
creator of the rolling spheres,
Ineffably sublime.
All hail, Redeemer, hail!
For thou hast died for me;
your praise shall never, never fail
throughout eternity.

Click here as Rich and Richard tell us about an exciting event coming up in the life of Emmanuel.

BIBLE READING – Colossians 1:15-20
This passage tells us how wonderful Jesus is and that he is worthy of all our praises. Read the passage out loud now.

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.

For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.

In our next song, we say how wonderful Jesus is and look forward to when we will be with him.

SONG – listen by clicking here
I Will Glory In My Redeemer
whose priceless blood has ransomed me.
Mine was the sin that drove the bitter nails
and hung him on that judgment tree.
I will glory in my Redeemer
who crushed the power of sin and death;
my only Saviour before the holy Judge,
the Lamb who is my righteousness,
the Lamb who is my righteousness.

I will glory in my Redeemer:
my life he bought, my love he owns.
I have no longings for another,
I’m satisfied in Him alone.
I will glory in my Redeemer:
his faithfulness my standing place.
Though foes are mighty and rush upon me,
my feet are firm, held by his grace,
my feet are firm, held by his grace.

I will glory in my Redeemer
who carries me on eagle’s wings.
He crowns my life with loving kindness,
his triumph song I’ll ever sing.
I will glory in my Redeemer
who waits for me at gates of gold.
And when He calls me, it will be paradise
his face forever to behold,
his face forever to behold.

Click here see Cate Ross-Waddell leading us in our prayers this morning.


Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come, your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power
and the glory are yours now and for ever.

Our next song encourages us to consider what Jesus has done for us on the cross, and how we should respond.

SONG – listen by clicking here
Consider Christ
the source of our salvation,
that he should take
the penalty for me.
Though he was pure,
a lamb without a blemish,
he took my sins
and nailed them to the tree.

My Lord and God,
you are so rich in mercy,
mere words alone
are not sufficient thanks.
So take my life,
transform, renew and change me
that I might be
a living sacrifice.

Consider Christ, that he could trust his Father
in the garden of Gethsemane.
Though full of dread and fearful of the anguish,
he drank the cup that was reserved for me.

My Lord and God,
you are so rich in mercy,
mere words alone
are not sufficient thanks.
So take my life,
transform, renew and change me
that I might be
a living sacrifice.

Consider Christ, for death he has defeated,
and he arose, appeared for all to see.
And now he sits
at God’s right hand in heaven
where he prepares
a resting place for me.

My Lord and God,
you are so rich in mercy,
mere words alone
are not sufficient thanks.
So take my life,
transform, renew and change me
that I might be
a living sacrifice.

Watch the bible talk video for the reading and bible talk from Rich by clicking here


Hebrews 1:1-4

Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become as much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs.


Jesus is in heaven

Talk outline:

1. Jesus is God’s final word
2. Jesus is heir of all things
3. Jesus represents God exactly
4. Jesus is God’s high priest

In our closing song we praise Jesus who is now standing before the Father, interceding for us.

SONG – listen by clicking here
You’re The Word Of God The Father
from before the world began;
every star and every planet
has been fashioned by Your hand.
All creation holds together
by the power of Your voice:
let the skies declare Your glory,
let the land and seas rejoice!

You’re the Author of creation,
you’re the Lord of every man;
and Your cry of love rings out
across the lands.

Yet You left the gaze of angels,
came to seek and save the lost,
and exchanged the joy
of heaven
for the anguish of a cross.
With a prayer You fed the hungry,
with a word You stilled the sea;
yet how silently You suffered
that the guilty may go free.

With a shout You rose victorious,
wresting victory from the grave,
and ascended into heaven
leading captives in Your wake.
Now You stand before the Father
interceding for Your own.
From each tribe and tongue and nation
you are leading sinners home.

May we all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

That concludes our service. Why not make some video calls now to others in the church to encourage and support one another?

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