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“Oh! Great Is Our God!” (free song)

It’s Abraham’s dedication on Sunday so I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a godly dad to him.  The Psalms say that one generation will commend God’s works to another.  It’s a vital role that we tell the next generation all about Jesus and all He’s done for us.  That’s why we have kid’s work at Emmanuel.

But since we have Psalms that sing about passing on the gospel to the next generation, how come there aren’t many songs about it?  This week I keep finding myself turning back to this fantastic song called ‘Oh! Great Is Our God!’ by The Sing Team, one of the great worship bands from Mars Hill Church, Seattle.  There’s only one line in there about that subject but I love how it just flows naturally out of a desire to praise God with everything we’ve got.

If His goodness is beyond our understanding, if an orchestra would not be over the top to praise Him, if we can’t help but praise Him, then of course we’ll tell our children!!

I love the sound this band make – stripped back to clapping, a guitar and harmonies with a tiny bit of drums and tinkly piano.  And the simplicity and everyday-ness of the words only makes it better.  I hope it gets stuck in your head too.  Here are the lyrics:

Oh!  Great is our God!  So we should worship greatly!
No song is too loud!  No orchestra too stately
To hail the majesty of our King
So lift your voices loud as we sing

Oh!  Great is our God!  So let our songs be endless!!
So awesome His ways, how could we comprehend them?
So we will make it known to our kids
And we will sing about the gracious gifts you give

We will sing your praise and pour forth your fame.
We will bless your name.
Let every one give thanks, because our God is great!

Oh!  Great is our God!  And we cannot contain it!
We sing from our souls, affected by His greatness.
His mercy covers all that Heʼs made
Showing His glory and His grace.

Click here to download the MP3 for free and here for the chord sheets.