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Exploring More Of The Trinity

Last week I blogged about ‘Drawing The Trinity’.  If all those diagrams got you thinking and you wanted to explore more about the Trinity, I thought it would be a good idea to point you in the direction of a few good books and some talks.

‘Delighting In The Trinity’ by Tim Chester

This is a fantastic book looking at why God being Father, Son & Spirit is good news.  Really clear and really well applied, I thoroughly recommend this book.  (Incidentally as part of my training I once had to write a review of this book and send it to my tutor.  My tutor was Tim Chester.)

Buy it from 10ofthose.com here.


‘Embracing The Trinity’ by Fred Sanders
Embracing the Trinity

This is on my to-read list.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.  The gist is that the Trinity is best displayed in and through the gospel.  When we understand one, we understand the other better.  Being an IVP book, it might appear on the bookstall sometimes for just a quid.

Buy it from Amazon here.



‘The Good God’ by Mike Reeves

Again, I haven’t read this one but only cos it’s hot off the press and I haven’t had a chance!  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Mike rave about the Trinity in person a number of times and I’ve never come away unmoved.  His passion for God is infectious and points to the overflowing love which comes from a God who is in Himself all about relationships.  I’m hoping this book includes some of Mike’s fascinating stuff about how believing in the Trinity means that we should sing songs with harmonies, compared to religions where God is emphasised as being a stand-alone distant being where they sing more monotonous dirges cos variety and community doesn’t matter unless God is a God of unity and diversity…  Plenty to chew on there!  Bound to be good.

Buy it from Amazon here.

‘Enjoying The Trinity’ MP3s
If you’d rather have something to listen to, here’s a series of 3 talks by Mike Reeves on the Trinity.  He kicks it all off by asking, “Doesn’t this God look shockingly, startlingly attractive?…  Is that not better than how we tend to think of God normally?”  If you follow the links below you’ll find the MP3s as well as some questions for application and maybe even discussion if a few of you listen to it!

Enjoying The Trinity 1: A Delightfully Different God
Enjoying The Trinity 2: The Spreading Love
Enjoying The Trinity 3: This Changes Everything


Whether it’s a book or a talk or a mind-bending chat with a friend, let’s get to know our great God better and explore Him as a Trinity.  Cos that’s who He is!  And it’s great news.