Walk Through The Bible

Walk Through LogoHave you ever wondered how the whole Bible fits together?  Who are all those kings?  Where are all those places?  And what’s the deal with Leviticus?!

On Saturday 24th Nov we’re excited to be partnering with Stapleford Baptist Church and Pastures Community Church, Stapleford to bring Walk Through The Bible to Nottingham.  It’s a day of engaging, interactive teaching to help us get a handle on the events and message of the Bible.

It’s suitable for all ages from teenage up and for all levels, whether you’ve studied your Bible for years or are totally new to it all.  It works as a refresher for old hands and a crash course for those who never went to Sunday School.  There’s people at Emmanuel who have been on this training day a number of times and can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can get a flavour from the video below.

What a great way to spend a Saturday, getting stuck into the Bible together!  This could be so helpful for us as a church if plenty of us went along.  Bring your friends from other churches.  Get your teenage kids along.  Come along yourself.  Find out more from the Walk Through The Bible website.

The course is only next weekend so book your place on the course now!  It costs £14 per person and is worth every penny.  Speak to Celia on Sunday or get in touch via the info on the ‘contact us’ page.

For directions to the course at Pastures Community Church, Stapleford, click here.