“What Would It Look Like…”

Sometimes when thinking about what our Connect Groups could be like, especially with our fourth aim of ‘reaching the lost together’, it’s helpful to get some insight into how other people do it.  That’s why I found this video so useful.

Over the last few years I’ve really appreciated following what’s happening at Soma Communities in Tacoma, Washington.  I’ve learnt a lot from their approach to church and mission as they ask the question, “What would it look like to live like missionaries here versus thinking missionaries only go somewhere else?”

They are very much like Emmanuel in their commitment to teaching the Bible well in the context of loving relationships and a desire to get the gospel out to those who don’t yet know Jesus.  They call their groups Missional Communities, and one of those groups put together this short film about what life looks like for them living together on a mission.  I hope you find it sparks off ideas for your group.

What did you find encouraging from this video?  What challenged you?  Anything you could use in your Connect Group?

This is the sixth of a short series of posts about our new Connect Groups.  Keep checking back for more.